Donkey a Short Film.

The award winning short film Donkey is  a film full of sorrow and sadness, the film conveys this feeling with the style used to film it and the tone of the narration. Donkey is a film that touches on the subject of bullying on a way that I have never seen done before. The film is about the narrator named David and his childhood friend Stanley. As David tells you about how Stanley was his best friend back when the were in school together he mentions how Stanley would run around acting like he was donkey saying “ee or” while other kids including David would run around playing with Stanley. While the beginning of the film seems happy things quickly become depressing when David tells you about how they got separated after they were done with their childhood school. while in high school David realized that one on the quiet kids in another class was Stanley. David didn’t go up to his old friend and talk to him but instead told all of his new friends about how Stanley used to run around and act like a donkey. After a while the teacher told the other kids that they need to stop making fun of Stanley because he was slower than the other kids. However the teachers telling them to stop didn’t make the students stop. David voice gets angrier when he tells how the kids were saying ” Hey donkey donkey donkey life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you gonna donkey.” David says he never joined in but he was sure that he laughed and did not help Stanley. After that David’s voice get sad and he tells about how he met up with Stanley when he was out drinking one night. Stanley invited David over to eat dinner and to catch up on things, so a couple of days go by then Stanley’s wife asking David to come over for dinner and David accepted. During the dinner David’s voice in the narration remained sad and in the video the Davids character seemed like he felt out of place. After dinner as David was leaving Stanley looked and David and said “ee or” with a smile on his face. David looked really depressed and sounded his voice sounded even sadder now than it had throughout the rest of the movie. At the end of the film David said ” Who’s the donkey now.”. Donkey is one of those films that really makes you question how you would feel if you ever ran into someone you were bullied by or that you bullied when you were younger.

They way that Keir Burrows used the black and white filter and a narrator’s voice to convey the sadness in the film was spectacular. The filter really made me focus on the narration because there is a lack of colors in the scenery. I feel that if he didn’t use a monochrome filter and left the colors in that the colors would have drawn me away from the narration done by  David. Also by only seeing in black and white it just brings a natural sadness to the film and really sets the mood as sad or full of sorrow and guilt that David has had about how he treated Stanley. I find the use of the monochrome filter a very good decision by Keir Burrows. Davids voice through the movie changes slightly. in the beginning he seemed kind of happy but you could tell there was something that he need to get off his chest then he got angry when talking about how his friends made fun of Stanley then it finally when to sad as he realized that Stanley wasn’t as different as everyone had thought. Keir Burrows really made me feel the sadness in the movie by using these techniques in a really good way.

The film follows both David and Stanley’s relationship throughout the film. in the beginning of the film David and Stanley were best friends and David loved running around with Stanley. Later after their childhood Stanley moved away and they grew apart from one another until high school. Then when they were in high school Davids new friends made fun of Stanley after David told them how Stanley thought he was a donkey. Davids voice at that part of the narration was angry but not angry at Stanley but angry at himself for not sticking up for Stanley. After David when to stanleys house David’s voice got to the saddest point in the film as David realized that Stanley is not as different as every one had thought. David with sadness and sorrow filling up his voice leaves the film to end with him saying “Who’s the donkey now.

I feel the reason why Donkey has won six awards is because of how it made you think about how you feel when you bullied or got bullied by someone else. After watching this film I started thinking of all the people I was bullied by when I thought they were my friends. I wondered if i would ever do what Stanley did and invite them over and try to be friends again. It also made me wonder if i have ever bullied anyone that thought that i was there friend. I think that a lot of people could learn from form this film that no one feels good after you bullied someone or after you got bullied yourself.

The film donkey is a well made short film. Donkey makes you feel sad for David and Stanley by using a monochrome filters and a powerful barroration. That is why this film has won six awards. It has won the Carolina Film & Video Festival, Couch Film Festival, Derby City Film Festival, The Janison Short Sharp Film Festival, and the UK Film Festival awards . I personally recomend that everyone should see this movie at least once in my life.

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